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RIVO for each language version extends RIVO English version by supporting to type some language-specific letters and symbols. They are based on combinations of languages and hardware keyboards according to iOS classifications from Settings, General, Keyboard.

Find out which RIVO version is right for you by reading the information below. Note that full functionality of RIVO English version including iOS VoiceOver support, music and audio remote control, text typing and editing interface is commonly provided in all the RIVO individual language versions.

RIVO English

RIVO Arabic

RIVO British

RIVO Bulgarian

RIVO Catalan

RIVO Czech

RIVO Danish

RIVO Dutch

RIVO Flemish

RIVO Belgian

RIVO Finnish

RIVO French

RIVO CanadianEnglish

RIVO CanadianFrench

RIVO German

RIVO SwissGerman

RIVO SwissFrench

RIVO Swiss

RIVO Greek

RIVO Hebrew

RIVO Hungarian

RIVO Icelandic

RIVO Italian

RIVO Japanese

RIVO Korean

RIVO Norwegian

RIVO Polish

RIVO Portuguese

RIVO Brazilian

RIVO Romanian

RIVO Russian

RIVO Serbian

RIVO Spanish

RIVO Spanish (US)

RIVO Swedish

RIVO Turkish

RIVO Ukrainian