About RIVO

RIVO is a portable Bluetooth keyboard about the size of a credit card. Being designed for users of iPhone who are blind or visually impaired, it supports iOS VoiceOver, text typing and editing, music and audio control. There are 20 keys in RIVO; 12 keys in the middle just like telephone keypad, 4 keys on the left and 4 keys on the right.

VoiceOver is an innovative technology from Apple and you can enjoy it like a breeze with RIVO. You can also type and edit text fast and easy, control music simple and handy. RIVO is indeed a smart keyboard to use your iPhone easily quickly and precisely to make the most out of it. Android TalkBack is another innovative technology from Google, and Android version of RIVO is also available.

RIVO for iOS is currently available in 37 versions covering 27 languages, and RIVO for Android is currently available only for English language.

RIVO can be a boon companion to your iPhone,

Here are a few comments from RIVO users (some are translations into English):

Here is an introductory audio Podcast about RIVO English version thanks to Mr. David Woodbridge from Australia: Audio Podcast.

Here is a video of an informal and candid conversation with Mr. Euseok Jung about his experience with iPhone and RIVO. Conversation is in Korean, but we've attached English transcription. Note that he uses RIVO and never touches his iPhone during the whole conversation: YouTube Video.

Smartphone is an important tool for everyone alike. We wish whoever has difficulty with touchscreen also become good at using smartphone and great apps to find greater possibilities.

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