Rivo Troubleshooting

1. (iOS) Home button is not working after iPhone wakes up.

If you wake up iPhone by holding down the home button of Rivo, the home button may not work any more from then. In this case, disconnect Rivo and connect again. To disconnect, hold down KEYBOARD until there are two short vibrations. Then, press KEYBOARD + POWER to connect Rivo to the Keyboard mode, or AUDIO + POWER to connect to the Audio mode. You may also turn off Rivo and turn on again. We guess that when iPhone wakes up after holding down the home button, it seems to forget about the press of the home button and treat the release of the button as the first event, thereby making the internal status of the button inconsistent.

2. (iOS) L1 + R4 doesn't lock iPhone screen.

When VoiceOver is off, the command works, but when VoiceOver is on, it doesn't work. We guess this is one of the simple issues of VoiceOver in the current iOS.

3. Audio connects again after disconnected.

If you hear sound from Rivo when you set it to the Keyboard mode, it has been set internally to the Audio mode by requests from the device. If this happens, press L3 + L1, 7, 4, 5. It sets Rivo to reject audio connection requests from the device. If you want to cancel this setting, press L3 + L1, 7, 4, 4.

4. (iOS) Some navigation commands don't work.

The quick navigation option needs to be turned on for many of the navigation commands to work properly. You can toggle the option manually by pressing R1 + 1. If you still have problems with the option turned on, however, you may need to reinstall iOS. After getting reports from users that this problem can be resolved by reinstalling iOS through iTunes, we have also verified that. If you want to reinstall iOS through iTunes, backup your iPhone data first in iTunes, then set iPhone into the DFU mode, and install iOS, then restore your data. Detailed information on how to reinstall iOS can be searched in the web.

5. (iOS) Cannot type text in a text field.

To type in a text field, the quick navigation option is better to be turned off by activating the text field by pressing 5. When typing becomes to have a problem, however, because the option is turned on again by any reason, try to turn it off manually by pressing R1 + 1. In this case, be sure to turn it back to on again by pressing R1 + 1 when typing is finished.

6. (Android) Rivo is initially set to work for iOS VoiceOver device.

If you connect it to an Android device, be sure to set it to work for either TalkBack or Voice Assistant depending on which you have set to use in your device. For Android TalkBack, press L3 + L1, 3, 4, 2, and for Android Voice Assistant, press L3 + L1, 3, 4, 5. For iOS VoiceOver, press L3 + L1, 3, 6.