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Introducing Rivo 2

Rivo has been designed to assist people who are blind or visually impaired to use smartphones easily, quickly and precisely. Now Rivo 2 is developed to be an ideal and ultimate accessory to assist even more especially in using the iPhone; it controls iPhone with extensive VoiceOver commands, supports typing and editing text, delivers every sound from iPhone to its speaker and earphone jack, delivers user voice captured from its microphone to iPhone for Siri and phone calls, and more.

Rivo 2


NavigationAbout 20 commands, including Force Touch and Search, have been added to support a total of about 50 VoiceOver navigation commands.
BatteryThe battery level can be checked, and if only the keyboard is used, you may use it more than two weeks after charging about 3 hours.
SoundAll the sounds including VoiceOver can be played back through built-in speaker or earphone jack and can be switched between iPhone and Rivo.
PhoneWhen there’s an incoming call, Rivo will vibrate or play the iPhone ringtone, and you can receive the call with Rivo. During a phone call, you can receive a second incoming call and switch between the calls. You can also dial a phone number directly with Rivo.
Touch-tonesDTMF touch-tones are supported for interactive voice response systems such as telebanking, voicemail, etc.
SiriYou can activate Siri with Rivo and use it using the built-in microphone and speaker.
UpdateFirmware update is supported.
OS supportiOS
Typing and editing textRivo supports typing of 27 languages at iPhone with one or two set active at a time. You can also edit the text by moving the cursor, making a selection, performing operations like cut, copy, paste, undo and redo, etc.
Audio remoteRivo can be used like an audio remote.
One-handed useRivo has one-handed modes so that people can use it comfortably with one hand while on the move.
Device connectionUp to six devices can be stored and connected instantly with Rivo.