Version History

Rivo 2.2

Updated as follows:

1. (Changed) The way to unlock buttons, set to the Phone mode, and check the battery level have been changed.
1a. To unlock and set to the Keyboard mode, KEYBOARD + POWER.
1b. To unlock and set to the Audio mode, press AUDIO + POWER.
1c. To set to the Phone mode, press POWER + AUDIO, or press KEYBOARD and AUDIO simultaneously.
1d. To check the battery level, press POWER + KEYBOARD.

2. (Added) Google TalkBack and Samsung Voice Assistant are supported in Android.
2.1. Set Rivo to use either TalkBack, Voice Assistant, or iOS as follows:
2.1a. TalkBack: L3 + L1, 3, 4, 2
2.1b. Voice Assistant: L3 + L1, 3, 4, 5
2.1c. iOS: L3 + L1, 3, 6
2.1d. The settings are stored for each device saved.
2.1e. Rivo is set to the iOS VoiceOver mode by default, and keeps the last screen reader mode set.

2.2. The default keyboard in Android needs to be changed as follows:
2.2a. Find the "Gboard - Google Keyboard" app on the Google Play Store.
2.2b. Set Gboard active at Settings / General management / Language and input / On-screen keyboard / Manage keyboards / Gboard.
2.2c. Set the Gboard as the default keyboard at Settings / General management / Language and input / Default keboard / Gboard.
2.2d. Currently only English and Korean are supported, and more languages will be added.

2.3. Commands in Rivo are almost the same except at the navigation mode in Android and iOS.

3. (Added) Even when buttons are locked, you may receive, end, or reject a phone call using shortcuts.
3a. Receive an incoming call: * + R1
3b. End the current call or reject the incoming call: * + R4

4. (Added) The problem with some of the iPhones where Rivo is switched to the Audio mode automatically when the KEYBOARD button is pressed can be avoided.
4.1. If your iPhone has the problem, set an option to reject the audio connection requests from the iPhone as follows:
4.1a. Reject audio connection requests: L3 + L1, 7, 4, 5
4.1b. Accept audio connection requests: L3 + L1, 7, 4, 4

5. (Added) You can activate the voice recognition function without using the Home button.
5.1. Press R1 + 3 in the Audio mode.

6. (Fixed) A bug is fixed that caused the volume being changed to maximum when there comes a second call.

Rivo 2.1

Released but soon replaced by the new version supporting Android.

Rivo 2.0

Initial release only for iOS.