Smartphone Companion for the Blind

Blind people can now access digital information better than ever thanks to smartphone and its built-in accessibility features although it’s still a bit difficult, slow, and clumsy to use it with only finger gestures.

Rivo was originally designed to assist people who are blind or visually impaired to use smartphones easily, quickly, and precisely. Together with Mobience, the developer of the original Rivo, Braillist has successfully designed and developed Rivo 2 as an ideal and indispensable accessory to assist them even more just like everyone’s everyday experience with the smartphone.

Now Rivo 2 controls iPhone with extensive VoiceOver commands, supports typing and editing text, delivers every sound from iPhone to its speaker and earphone jack, delivers user voice captured from its microphone to iPhone for Siri and phone calls, and more. Starting with firmware version 2.1, it also works with Android.

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NavigationAbout 20 commands, including Force Touch and Search, have been added to support a total of about 50 VoiceOver navigation commands.
SoundAll the sounds including VoiceOver can be played back through built-in speaker or earphone jack and can be switched between iPhone and Rivo.
Text typing & editingRivo supports typing of 27 languages at iPhone with one or two set active at a time. You can also edit the text by moving the cursor, making a selection, performing operations like cut, copy, paste, undo and redo, etc.
PhoneWhen there’s an incoming call, Rivo vibrates or plays the phone ringtone, and you can receive the call with Rivo. During a phone call, you can receive a second incoming call and switch between the calls. You can also dial a phone number directly with Rivo.
Touch-tonesDTMF touch-tones are supported for interactive voice response systems such as telebanking, voicemail, etc.
Voice assistant remoteVoice assistants like Siri can be activated and used using the built-in microphone and speaker.
Audio remoteRivo can be used like a media remote for audio, music, and video.
One-handed modeRivo supports one-handed mode so that people can use it comfortably with one hand while on the move as well as two-handed mode to use it efficiently with both hands.
Device connectionUp to six devices can be stored and connected instantly with Rivo.
BatteryThe battery level can be checked, and if only the keyboard is used, you may use it more than two weeks after charging about 3 hours.
OS supportiOS, Android
UpdateFirmware update is supported.
Product photoRivo 2
Current firmware versionRivo 2.2
Product manualonline manual
How to buySend an email order to with your name, phone number, address, and the quantity. We will send you an invoice by email or forward your order to local partners, if any.

Braile Dictionary

Combining a universal keyboard interface and an efficient braille typing interface, Braillist is developing the first ever compact braille dictionary device to help the blind learn and read braille conveniently anytime and anywhere, thereby hoping to improve braille learning environment and decrease the worldwide illiteracy rate of more than 90% of the blind.